May 22, 2022

Prize Bond

Rs. 7500 Prize Bond List Draw 84 Karachi Result 02 November 2020

You can check the Draw # 84 7500 Rs Prize Bond List result here online. Balloting for Lucky Draw No. 84 of Rs. 7500 prize bond was held in Karachi city on 02nd Nov 2020. You can also check full denomination list of Rs. 7500 prize bond from 1st draw to latest draw on the official website or online. You can also check the 7500 prize bond list results of date 02 November 2020 as per schedule provided by National Bank of Pakistan. State bank do the balloting for the 7500 Rs. Prize bonds. 1st prize of the 7500 Rs. prize bond of value 15,000,000 PRK is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while second prize of the 7500 prize bond of amount Rs. 5,000,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last & third prize of the 7500 prize bond is given to 1696 winners of amount Rs. 93,000/- each.

Bond WorthCityDateFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
Rs 7500Karachi02-11-202015,000,000 PKR5,000,000 PKR93,000 PKR

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